Our minimum order quantity of sodium metabisulfite is 1 ton, anyway, based cost-effective, we recommend the MOQ of one 20′ container.

Tianya is a manufacturer of Sodium Metabisulfite products in China, we produce sodium metabisulfite products with more than 20 years with rich experience.

Our sodium metabisulfite products have got the certifications of Halal, Kosher, ISO, NSF, etc..

We can accept the common payment terms TT, L/C, DP, DA, etc..

We always keep regular quantity of stock goods, and we produce fresh sodium metabisulfite goods based customers’ orders. We prepare goods and book shipping within one week, usually goods can be delivered within 7 to 10 days after order confirmation.

The available modes of transportation includes transportations by sea, by air, by railway, by truck, etc.. If conditions permit, sea shipment is the most preferred mode of transportation by customers, considering the most economical transportation of bulk chemicals.

We can reply to you within 2 hours during working hours, within 24 hours during nonworking time.

The price of sodium metabisulfite is influenced by some factors, such as raw materials, freight, exchange rate, off-season and peak-season, etc.. Tianya is the leading manufacturer of sodium metabisulfite in China, we always keep offering highly competitive price to customers.

The main raw materials of sodium metabisulfite products are soda ash and sulfur.

The shelf life of sodium metabisulfite is 2 years under the premise of following storage rules.

Our standard package of sodium metabisulfite products are 25 Kg bag, or jumbo bag. Jumbo bags includes 1000 Kg, 1100 kg, 1200 Kg, 1250 kg bag.

Yes, we can supply customized packages and labels based customers’ requirements.

Yes, OEM/ODM is available.

For sodium metabisulfite products loading, 20′ container is recommended.

One 20′ container can load 27 tons sodium metabisulfite without pallet, 25 tons with pallet. Anyway, during actual loading, we remind customers to note limited max weight regulated by local road transportation and/or destination ports.

For sodium metabisulfite products, we supply the two kinds of standard pallets: plywood pallets and wooden pallets. Customers also can specify their preferred pallets types.

Yes. For plywood pallet, it is fumigation free. For wooden pallet, it is given fumigation. They can totally meet regulations of related countries.

Yes, we have the food manufacturing license of sodium metabisulfite, and we produce sodium metabisulfite food grade products with high quality.

Yes, we welcome customers to visit us and inspect our factory.

For the quality of our sodium metabisulfite products, until now it is zero compliant. In case any problem, we have complete after-sales service policy.

Sodium metabisulfite food grade has the requirements for clarity and heavy metal (lead) content, while industrial grade doesn’t have the requirements for these two items. For detailed specifications differences, pls view Specification of Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade & Specification of Sodium Metabisulfite Industrial Grade. In addition, sodium metabisulfite food grade has the specified regulations for production equipment and workshop.