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Sodium metabisulfite is used for the treatment for cyanide in gold mine wastewater, it is named as air oxidation method. This process has the advantages of thorough cyanide removal, simple and safe operation, low dosage of drugs, and low cost. The principle of the sodium metabisulfite air oxidation method is to use a mixture of SO2-O2 gas as an oxidant and divalent copper as a catalyst to control the wastewater within a certain pH range, so that CN – is oxidized to CNO -, which is then hydrolyzed to produce NH3 and HCO3-. Sulfur dioxide is added in the form of sodium metabisulfite, and the pH value is adjusted with lime or NaOH. Most of the heavy metal cyanide complexes in wastewater are decomposed, and the cyanide ions are oxidized. The metal ions are precipitated and separated from the wastewater in the form of Me2Fe (CN)6, Me (OH)2, or MeCO3 (where Me is a divalent metal ion). The advantage of this method is that both free cyanide and complex cyanide can be oxidized and removed, and the reagent cost is low, the purification effect is good, making it a promising method for development.

Sodium Metabisulfite Used for Treatment of Gold Mine Wastewater