Sodium Metabisulfite is one kind of important water reducing agent for concrete industry. Tianya Chemical supplies high quality Sodium Metabisulfite for concrete with sufficient experience.

With the continuous development of concrete technology, concrete water reducing agents are also undergoing technological innovation, going through several generations of development, from lignin sulfonates, naphthalene based water reducing agents, melamine based water reducing agents, aliphatic water reducing agents to ultra high-performance polycarboxylic acid water reducing agents. At present, naphthalene series is still the main type in the domestic market, but aliphatic water reducing agents have their unique advantages: simple production process, short cycle, atmospheric pressure reaction, low environmental pollution, non air entraining type, no chloride salts, no corrosion to steel bars, low sodium sulfate content, and no crystallization when used in winter. In recent years, research on its production process and application methods has become increasingly active, including the method of adding formaldehyde dropwise, the order of adding formaldehyde and acetone, different types of sulfonating agents, non heat source method, and heating up to the specified temperature for insulation after dropwise addition.

sodium metabisulfite as water reducing agent

Types and effects of sulfonating agents

At present, there are two main sulfonation agents used in the market for water reducing agents: sodium metabisulfite and sodium sulfite anhydrous. From the perspective of product water reduction rate and test block strength, the samples produced by sodium metabisulfite are slightly better than those produced by sodium sulfite. Although the specific gravity and solid content are relatively low. The reason is that the initial reaction stage of using sodium sulfite involves the addition of flake alkali, which creates an alkaline environment at the beginning of the reaction system. However, when using sodium sulfite, the alkaline environment of the system gradually increases, which has some different effects on the molecular weight of the final product. From a visual perspective, the products produced by sodium metabisulfite are more viscous and can be hung on the wall in a beaker.

Sodium metabisulfite and sodium sulfite anhydrous are commonly used and good sulfonating agents. The water reducing agents produced with it can meet the requirements of high-efficiency water reducing agents and are suitable for concrete with strengths such as C20-C60 (color characteristics cannot be used in plain concrete).