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There are two production processes for sodium metabisulfite : dry method and wet method.

Dry method: Stir soda ash and water evenly in a certain molar ratio, and when Na2CO3. nH2O is generated as a block, place it in the reactor. Maintain a certain gap between the blocks, and then introduce SO2 until the reaction is completed. Remove the block and crush it to obtain the finished product.

Wet method: Add a certain amount of soda ash to the sodium bisulfite solution to form a suspension of sodium sulfite, and then add SO2 to generate sodium metabisulfite crystals. After centrifugation and drying, the finished product is obtained.

dry and wet processes comparison of sodium metabisulfite

Compared to wet and dry processes, wet process has a higher degree of mechanization, high product purity, stable quality, and low raw material loss. The dry process is outdated and bulky, with low product purity, unstable quality, and high raw material loss. It can be seen that wet process of sodium metabisulfite is superior to dry process.